Men of Eureka Development, LLC (MOED) is creating an operational framework for members to profit from all business enterprises within the structure and MOED will also provide the opportunity to share resources in the creation of profit making businesses.

Rochester, NY

Membership by Invitation Only

Become a member

Permanent : $5,000

Annual: $2,000
Annual: $1,000 + 200 Hours
Annual: 500 Hours

3 Annual Memberships = 1 Permanent

Men of Eureka Projects

Men of Eureka
Business Development Projects


  • Project #1 – (Complete/Active)


          Storefront Page

  • Project #2 – Early 2022 (Contracting in process)

          Management Consultation

          Men Of Eureka will provide consulting services in support of Small Businesses in Rochester, NY, collaborating with REDCO (Rochester Economic Development Corporation)

  • Project #3 – Late 2Q 2022

          Property Management