Personal Prince Hall Legends

Personal Prince Hall Legends

HALL = Prince Hall

Founding Father of Prince Hall Masonry. Almost enough said with that statement! But in addition to the establishment of the great organization Prince Hall Masonry, he was an abolitionist, educator and a leader his community.

A reminder that some great men do many things well, don’t self-impose limits on your greatness!

SCHOMBURG = Arturo Alfonso Schomburg

A personal reminder that you don’t need to be THE leader, Grand Master in this case, to be great. Schomburg was a great Grand Secretary inside the craft and outside the craft he was a historian, writer, collector and activist. His collections and detailed work led to his collected literature, art, slave narratives, and other materials of African history, being purchased to become the basis of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, named in his honor, located at the New York Public Library branch on Malcolm X Boulevard.

SPENCER = Henry A. Spencer

Grandmaster from 1908 – 1914, he hailed from Eureka Lodge #36. Bro. Spencer was one of the earliest African American students admitted to the University of Rochester. His Grand Lodge leadership for 7 years is a testament that even from a distance you can garner the respect from a majority in the craft. I also consider it of note that he re-chartered Eureka Grand Chapter after they lost their original charter in a fire. Could be the genesis of my affection with Estella Chapter #7 and the Order of Eastern Stars.

FAIR JR. = Louis Fair Jr.

The Grandmaster that turned New York State Prince Hall Masonry into a property ownership business. He led the acquisition of our current Grand East Building, the property where Prince Hall Senior Housing sits, and the then 926 acres of property in Roscoe NY where we opened Camp Eureka. Although his methods were heavy handed, I can appreciate his accomplishment of completing all that work and us not having a mortgage.

WALLACE = Solomon Wallace

I joined under Grandmaster Wallace, who was innovative in his vision, a great relationship builder and focused on getting the important work done to move his vision forward. His greatness was exemplified in his ability to have the craft elect him 12 times to be Grandmaster. He also served with distinction as Sovereign Grand Commander. I think that his long tenure in leadership contributed to his greatness.

Leading change and leading construction (physical building or organizations) isn’t a short-term process, it can take time to make big things happen.



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